Dad is never supportive of me

Hey guys.
So let me tell you whats up.
My parents seperated when i was 6,?
?i started getting anxiety when i hit puberty, i also moved houses, schools, had money trouble ( courtesy of dad :( ) and friend trouble. My dad was completly against it and hurt me really bad, i was like 11 and im hearing him telling his friends what a horrible daughter i am cause i had anxiety. Anyway, my anxiety got better and settled well into school. Then, when my stepmom had my sister, and i fell apart, i felt like he was ruining my life, they were all against me for not being 'overjoyed' about the aspect of a sibling. Up until that point i was an only child and a lot of my anxiety had actually been around my parents having more children so i was against it. my dad made me absolutly miserable and i disliked him for that. I often felt jealos to see my friends with their loving dad while mine didnt want to have anything to do with me. After my sister was born i grew to love her and accept her. as she grew, and i loved her more amd more she made my dad so happy, i could just see it, the way he looked at her, like his prized pressesion, he adored her, gave her everthing she wanted. Im not saying this as a way of saying that oh my sister gets everything she wants, but anyone else would find their relationship lovely and so cute. Then there was me, the way my dad looked at me, sometimes he would be driving and my sistetr would say something and he would turn in his seat and smile at her and laugh with her, then look at me and his smile would disapear into a disapointed, expression. Sometimes remembering the look on his face would send me into tears and cry myslef to sleep. Any comments would be appreciated xx


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