What are some fun or nice things you do with family?

The people closest to you can hurt you the most and there can be a lot of resentments inside a family but just as much, there are good things and I want to talk about the good things!

What fun stuff do you do with your parents, siblings or other family that you look forward to or would miss if you didn't do it anymore??

Two I did this weekend are riding with my dad on his motorcycle, and cooking with my mom. Also talking with my brother in his room before he gets up - slash - bugging him to get up.

Me and my parents go out for pizza night once a week as long as one or both of them are in town).? It's a good opportunity to talk to them about my week, and things going on at school, or with friends/boyfriend.

Dad and I are very close and we do a lot of things together. We go to the movies, we play videogames, we go shopping, on a picnic, etc. Or we just talk about our life. It's only the 2 of us so we try to have a great quality time.


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