I left home and planning to start up a business...

I am facing a huge problem right now. I quarreled with my mom the other day and I left home because she is planning to get married to someone less. I don't think that she needs me anymore so I am not planning on going back home. I want to live independently without any restrictions or rules. Now I am living with my friend but I can't go on living there and so I am trying to find a job. A friend of mine suggested starting up a business with her. Both of us are graduates in fashion technology and we are planning to start a designer's shop. But the problem is we don't have enough money to start a business of our own. We thought of getting a mortgage from Northwood mortgages (http://www.northwoodmortgage.com/). I haven't applied for a mortgage before so I don't know what the formalities are. If you guys could help me out here, it would be great.


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