Makeup & Parents

I am really passionate about makeup and I love how makeup can change the way people look but my parents are really against me buying makeup even if I use my own money. I only have the basic makeups like a makeup starter pack and I really want to get more new makeup products. I started working recently and the only reason for that is I can get my own money so that I can buy makeup but my parents hated that idea... What can I do????

I see makeup as art but not to attract boys :)

Not to be too personal but How old are you? Some parents can be pretty defensive when it comes to makeup, obviously their first thought is to attract boys. I think you need to talk to them about it and hopefully they can see where you're coming from.


Why should they get bothered about it? You are taking your money right? You have to talk to them about your likes and dislikes. It is your life.

Just put on your makeup after you leave the house and remove it before you get back home. If they don't know about it thay can't make a fuss, right? I love makeup, I don't spray it on but a nice highlight gives me a great outlook and confidense I don't otherwise have. (And I need all the help I can get!!)


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