Worried about my mom

Hello all, I have some doubts and I hope that I would get it cleared here. My mom loves to have sweets, but from last week she has been getting cramps in her feet, itchiness and some kind of burning sensation. I have heard that these symptoms are most likely to be found in a diabetic person, but I am not sure whether she has diabetes. When I asked her to go to a doctor, she refused and walked away. I thought of taking her anyway and when I was doing some research online I came across this article http://www.c-care.ca/blog/foot-care/significance-foot-care-seniors/ ?and now this has made me even more confused. If you have any idea what these symptoms might be pointing to it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. ?

Ohh no even when your mom refuses somehow you take her to the hospital. That would be a good idea and also the blog seems really informative. Thanks for sharing. Take care of your mom Jennifer.


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