Mom trouble

i am an only child, my dad left before i was born, my mom is my coach, and i'm homeschooled. i am literally with my mom 24:7 and we fight A LOt. sometimes we are just joking around then i say one thing and she just snaps for no reason and yells at me. also , whenever she knows i'm annoyed with her, she gets mad at me for everything i do, like if i blinked she'll be like DONT YOU DARE ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME. and she neverrrr believes me and it makes me cry that she won't trust me. we are just always fighting and i admit when i'm wrong or over exaggerate but she never does. its just so hard and i bet no one can relate to all of this but please someone help.

I can imagine how tough it must be dealing with all that. When your mom is mad, it's best to avoid her or if you have to speak to her, speak gently. And if she misunderstands, explain gently what you meant. With moms, sometimes you need a lot of patience. Is there someone else you can talk to in your home? Or you can talk to any relatives about how you feel about your mom and see what they say. You're definitely not alone in this and stay strong, love❤️️ Sending lots of love and support your way ❤️️❤️️


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