My boy and nanny

Hi, I am so happy to see my boy growing up each day. He is 2 now. I have decided to rejoin my work after the maternity leave. My mother had been with us all these days for helping me out to look after him. But she has to leave by next month as there is an emergency. So I am planning to get some child care service from one of the nannies agency,Toronto. I know there will be a starting trouble for my son to adjust to a new person. As he is only 2, I can't make him understand the situation by words. I think some outings, games etc will help him. Also, we have not assigned any extra duties to the nanny such as cooking and housekeeping. Please share your thoughts with me. Thanking you.

Getting a good nanny will help you reduce your tension and workload. I too had the same experience. Wish you good luck.

Since he is 2 it would take some time to adjust with the nanny. Anyway wise decision Sharon. Take care.

While selecting a nanny, you have to be really careful.?



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