Christmas Gifts

I know it's super early but i'm already thinking of gifts for my fam this Xmas. What do you guys normally buy for the fam?

Same here! Just stuff they need that can be useful and or entertainment purposes.?

Yeah that's what i was thinking.. i'm more leaning towards stuff they need..?

Exactly. I usually just ask for stuff i can use at school. Like a big basket of bodywash+deoderants etc or like i dont have to do alot of laundry lol...or just wait to do a larger load :P My family likes useful gifts and a few "fun" things for entertainment or like books and stuff

Yeah that's a good idea. I might just buy some useful things for the fam. I thought about a buncha gift cards but that's too half-ass haha

haha I know! I think gift cards are half-ass too....but then...they are so useful if that person shops at a specific place! haha

It does but again it shows a lack of effort and creativity. I rather buy something more personal, that way the person will think that i actually care about them lol.

I agree with you. Like, if they've said they want gift cards then ok...but if your gifting with no reccommendations than something that is more personal would be a better touch

I agree with vballgrl in that the personal gift is the way to go. Stuff that is talored towards that persons interests or like stuff they have mentioned/hints so u can surprise them!

I started this week. I got the easy gifts out of the way so far ( people who just want gift cards or know exactly what they want as a gift) :)

The person who invented "gift cards" saved us a lot of time lol We don't have to think of what to buy and where to buy them lol?

They made "last minute" gift shopping not so stressful! lmao

The only thing i have to think about is how much i should buy for those gift cards lol $20? $30??

Thats the hardest part! Unless if the other person is getting you something and you are both familiar with how much you both usually spend on each other...its hard. You dont want to seem cheap but dont want to overspend and make them feel like they didnt spend enough. Do you usually talk with friends/family about price limits so its easier??

Not really. With friends it's always around 20-30$ and it depends on how tight we are. With fam it's more like 50-100$. I can afford to spend a bit more because i have a part time job and i dont really spend a lot of money.?

Thats good, 20-30 bucks for friends is a good area. Fam, definietly more. Yeah, if you have a bit more $$ due to having some income coming in then you can definietly do a little more :)

Bath and bodyworks always has amazing xmas gifts! If you keep an eye out they usually have really good sales on candles, soaps, and lotions!

Thanks! That's a good idea! I'll def check out Bath and Bodyworks soon!?

Gift something useful for them.
For your mom, you can gift some sets of kitchen accessories.
For you father, you can gift a pair of glasses along with a pair of shirts.
For your siblings buy something according to their taste.

Hope you had a wonderful Xmas with super gifts!

I guess it's the same everywhere, around $30 for friends and more for family as family comes first. My friend always does that, he asks his family what they need and he gets it for them. This Christmas he got a Fitbit fitness tracker for his wife, a pair of affordable quality headphones for his son and a book reading stand for his mother. I think that this is a good idea to get a gift that one would really need instead of getting anything that won't be used at all.


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