How can I safeguard my child?

Hi,I need an advise. My child is 3 she is really naughty and curious about everything. She has a hobby of playing with the windows. I?m afraid whether her fingers would get jammed between the window doors. We are living in an old building which is built in 1960's. The windows and doors are really old. There was window blinds too. My husband removed them last day to stop her playing with the strings that comes along with it. I've read a blog regarding child safety ( ) and installed window stops too but they suggests to replace the old windows with latest ones. I cannot afford it ?right now. Is it necessary? I need advice from moms here.

Ideally unless the windows don't leak then you should be fine. You'll just have to sort something out in regards trying to get your daughter not to play with the windows. Its true she could get her fingers stuck and it would be very painful. I hoped this helped.?

You can go for either a full window replacement or install more safety devices for your girl.?

Don't rely soleley on reviews, do check for their history also.


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