Getting along with siblings

How do you get along with yours? Do your parents ever seem to play favorites?

I have a sister(11) and a brother(12). I usually get along with them pretty well. The only problem is that I try to take control of the house when my parents are gone. They don't always?listen to what I say then.?

I get along well with my siblings. We bump heads at times but we get over it. She is mature for her age and I dont have many problems out of her. Maybe talk to your parents about hwo they act and try not to scoot to their level when they piss you off. It is only me and little sister,no favorites with mom.

Me and my older brother arereally close, having gone through a lot in our family. He is always there for me and is awesome. We are inseparable

I have 5 sisters (4 older and 1 younger) and 2 brothers ( older and younger). I love all of them, though sometimes, they can be too annoying or loud. @.@ but they're the best.

I love my siblings! My older brother is 4 years older than me but he is so awesome and lets me do things like he sneaks me chocolate when mums not looking or lets me hangout with his friends who are really nice to me.

I have two little sisters, one's 11 and the other's 14. Neither of them listen to me either, especially the youngest one. The other one is okay though. But I know exactly how you feel. It's very frustrating when they behave like can do whatever they like. Give it time, when they grow a bit older and have some sense of maturity, they might listen to what you say. That's what happened with the first sister, me and her only started getting along around 2 years ago. At the moment, I'm praying the 11 year old just grows up a little bit!

i have 3 sisters lets just say we have a love and hate realtionship when school starts i'll rarely see them anymore cause of school and all

i'm a middle child, so I've always had fights with my siblings (one brother, one sister). They can be annoying at times but trust me, when you need someone to have your back they're always going to be the first ones there for you :)

I have two younger brothers and sometimes they can be *really* annoying, but most of the time we get along well. We are pretty close as a family, and we travel together to nice trips and do lots of other things togteher. I really love my family and I spend quite a bit of time with them, and most of the time it's just a lot of fun! And while my brothers are sometimes really annoying, having brothers has it's sides as well :)

I have a brother and a sister and both are older than me. My sister gets the most attention because she's more responsible and our parents put a lot on her shoulders. She's also dating and that grabs a lot of attention. My brother doesn't want any attention from them and secludes himself whenever he can. I don't feel neglected at all. My parents are pretty fair about everything.

I have 2 bros and a sister. I'm the youngest and each of us has got a lot of attention at the age I'm at or younger. I guess it's my turn in the spotlight.


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