I feel like a bitch, but my parents are way too close to my ex.

I broke up with my ex a little over a month ago. We stayed friends, (my parents knew this). I found out something last night that really upset me. My ex texted me telling me that my parents had texted him wishing him a happy new year. I was fine with that, but then my ex told me that he took it upon himself to call my father. He claimed that they had a nice chat, etc. I'm not trying to be the fun police here but i find it extremely inappropriate for both parties to be reaching out to each other after the break up. I think that if they want to speak to each other it should be done thru me, with my knowledge. The next day my dad called to tell me that he had spoken to my ex, had invited him out and had other plans to "counsel" to him. I was furious. I felt like my father had overstepped a huge boundary. I told both parents that I wanted my ex out of my life and that they needed to stay away from him. I pleaded with them to leave him alone but they kept insisting on seeing him. I told them again that they should stay away from him and finally they agreed. I'm sure that they'll probably continue to go behind my back to talk to him and the thought of that really makes me mad. Was I being a bitch for acting the way I did? Is it abnormal for me to feel hurt or uncomfortable. I was with my ex for two years and I know my parents saw us getting married. I left him and I Dont think my parents have quite accepted my decision.

Honestly I can see and understand your perspective and your feelings are valid. But think of it like this, you introduced this guy and assumedly wanted your parents to accept him so, all that time and energy they put into treating this guy (from what I read) like a son doesn't go away. But because it bothers you, voice your feelings (try to be calm) when you say it and hopefully slowly they'll understand.?

I'm not trying to be rude but just trying to get you to see their perspective, because when somebody's dating a person and they bring them around their family. The family also starts to love and care for this person.?

You can't get mad at people for wanting to continue relationships with people just because you broke up with them. This would be like you getting mad that your friends still talked to your ex even though you broke up with him. I understand that it sucks for you to have him back in your life somewhat but you are simply going to have to learn to ignore it.

Sorry, I don't mean to make light of your feelings, but the title of this post made me laugh. lol l agree with the two replies if that counts for anything. :P


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