To take care of my sister who is pregnant

My sister is 6 months pregnant. She lives in Florida. She is coming back to our house after 5 years. Her husband is a businessman. Because of his tight schedules, he is not able to give her proper care and attention. The only one to help her at home is their servant. He is very afraid about her health. The last month's scanning had shown some complications in the report. The doctor said she needs complete care and someone needs to be with her all the time. Since her husband is not able to take care of her, he has decided to leave her with me. I am so excited to see her. They will be coming to my home next week and he will be leaving for Florida after consulting a gynecologist. I have to free up one room once they reach here. We have a room which we are not currently using. We used to keep some of the old household items and furniture in that room. We shifted them to a storage solutions in Burlington. Now I need to do some preparations in the room for her, as well as the baby. What all safety measures must be done in order to take care of her before she arrives?


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