Worried about my grandmother

Hi all, My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's disease. You all might be aware of how an Alzheimer's patient will be. She forgets things easily, not aware of the surroundings and can?t do anything on her own. It requires someone to look after her always.One day she went outside the house to the streets when everyone was not noticing. Luckily, one of our neighbors saw her going off the streets and they informed us and it was easy to find her. In order to avoid such situations, any one of us has to stay at home while others are leaving. But it is not always convenient. I have to go to college. My dad is working. My mom often goes outside for shopping, market and some other important matters. We thought that it would be convenient to appoint a caregiver for my grandmother. I have decided to approach a palliative nursing care in Toronto. We want to ensure that our grandmother receives the complete care. Is home care services good?


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