Father's recovery from cancer

Hi Friends.I am an IT professional. Since I spend a lot of time in the programming world, I never had the chance to treat my parents very well. One day, through a routine check-up, we realized that my father was suffering from cancer. At that time, I did not know what to do. Since I'm the only daughter of my parents, there was no one to take care of my parents. He had to undergo chemotherapy. His condition became worse after chemotherapy. He needed help. Since I cannot quit my job, I thought of a healthcare staffing agency in Torornto. I consulted them and they appointed a nurse for home care. The nurse was highly professional and punctual. She took care of everything including his medicines and food. She was also able to help my mother. I was very much satisfied with their services. I was able to work with no worries. They took proper care of him after every chemo and also they provided various medical assistance. Appreciate their support and care. Their services are very much convincing. It is a relief that our dear ones are in the safe hands. Do anyone have any similar experiences like mine?


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