Help to find a child injury lawyer


I want to consult a lawyer as soon as possible. Yesterday morning, as usual, I went to walk. And my daughter also accompanied me. She is Sara, 13 years old.

There is a park near to our home. When we returned, our neighbor, a lady has joined us. And her pet dog was also with her. Sara was playing all the way with her pet. Suddenly the dog started biting her.

I tried my best to save my baby. But, unfortunately, she got injured. Though the lady tried to control the dog, still then, she was not serious about the situation and this made me get provoked. Now, I want to approach a child injury lawyer in Brampton, for a claim.

What do you think of this situation? Am I eligible to claim for my child? If you have any idea about such situation, kindly let me know it at the earliest. Thanks in advance!


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