How can I store my saxophone?

My daughter is 15 years old. She loves music and plays saxophone very well. She is a part of a musical band of her school. Next month, during the christmas holidays, we are planning to go for a vacation trip to Paris. All of us are very thrilled about it as it had been quite a long since we have been for a trip. We are planning a 3 weeks trip so that we can celebrate the New Year in Paris. Although all of us are very excited, my daughter is very much concerned about storing the saxophone safe. Keeping it home for such a long period can ruin it. While searching online for the safe tips of storing, I came to know that musical instruments are recommended to store in climate control units as they are sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures, humidity and dust. So I think it is better to get help from any self storage space to store the saxophone. What you guys think about it. Is it possible to set a climate control unit at home? While placing it in a storage unit should I dismantle the saxophone? All your suggestions will be a great help.Thanks. ?


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