Daughter's career - Suggestions needed

Hi all,

It would be great if someone can help me.

My daughter has just finished her 12th std. It is my desire to see her as an engineer. We will be moving to Dubai the next month (her father has been working there). As her dad suggested, we chose university of wollongong in Dubai for her engineering course and she has sent the application.

But it shocked me today when she said that she has sent the application for BCom in Accountancy at UOWD. She told that she wanted to make a career in Accountancy, not in engineering.

What should I do now?

Should I compel her to change her mind or should I allow her to go on with her wish?

I am confused!

Any suggestions on this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

I'd say let her go into Accountancy, and just wait to see if she likes it.?


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