Leaving The Birds Nest

It's my last year of school this year, I'm seventeen and am leaving school because there is nothing I want there. There is ONLY ONE thing I want and that's to go to a drama school next year but I have a big problem... My parents won't let me leave home.

Now, legally the New Zealand laws state that anyone can leave home at sixteen without parental consent and are no longer under the umbrella of Child, Youth & Family (a organisation that protects children and can relocate you if the belief you are in a dangerous situation). My point here is that legally I should be able to leave without my parents forcing me to stay until I am 18.

I've asked my mum on numerious occassions why I can't go and the answer is always either "becuase me won't let you" or "you're not old enough"

I would also like to state that I am basically the odd one of the family. My mum, dad and brother are sport freaks... I'm the drama nerd. I've tried to talk to my mum out my LOVE for acting on many occasions but she always changes the subject of manages to block me out.

Drama is the only subject at school I get top marks in, I take drama classes outside of school and enjoy reading books about styles, method and types of drama. I adore it. If I am upset or in a bad mood drama makes everything better, I feel the most relaxed the most me.

Although my mum knows drama is the only think I want to do (I've broken down on many occasions trying to convince her to let me go 😢) she keeps trying to push me into courses at a nearby polytechnic meaning I'd have to stay home. None of these courses entice me and every time I think about it, I think about being stuck there and never doing what I want to do.

I would definitely be more inclined to go to polytech after doing this acting course as the course is a year and when I come back then I could see all my school friends at Poly XD (Think of it kind of like a gap year)

The course am I am lookig into is two hours away from where I live, my brother left at 18 for uni which is six hours away, but I bet if he would've wanted to leave my parents would have let him go earlier. I'm also always the forgotten child (aka least favourite)

Anyways! I just want to hear your guys opinion, do you think my mum is right? Should I stay home? Or should I push for what I really desire? I am really struggling here please leave any advice :(

Thank you x

Do you mean to say that the drama school is 2 hours away? If it is I don't see why you couldn't stay living at home and still follow your passion. It may be a long commute to and from school but from the sound of it I doubt you'd mind it if it meant doing what you love.?
Do you have friends or relatives closer to the drama school who you could stay with? That might appease your parents. I hate the idea of giving up what you love in order to go to polytech. Lots of parents say art careers are nice as a hobby as long as you get a 'real job' doing something else, but I think that's stupid. Art has just as much importance in the world as anything else, and if it's difficult getting an artistic career going, that's up to you alone to decide and they should trust you to make your own decisions. It's the parents' job to raise you and equip you for life, and if they don't think you can handle it they should be questioning their own methods. You're made the way you're made and you should pursue what you love. If worse comes to worse can you wait a year and then go to drama school?


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