Guy friend/acquaintance keeps texting me

So I have what we shall call a friend, who is a guy, who I see about once a month with a group of other friends/acquantainces. He is very shy and a massive nerd. He likes to message me, sometimes about random memes and others about stuff that is actually bothering him. My bff thinks that he likes me, but I prefer to think he just needs a friend and someone to talk to because he is lonely and very shy. I do not like him that way, he is just a friend, and I have a boyfriend. We stopped talking for a while after I got together with my boyfriend, but his reaction was positive followed by a quick change of subject. He usually texts me later on at night or in the afternoon on weekends because he is a gamer and is up at weird hours. I am the one he goes to when his grandfather died and his mum got sick, but he doesn't talk as much in person, so I'm not sure if he's just using me as an outlet or whatever to get the things that are worrying him off of his mind. His messages are not flirty, suggestive or anything more than a generic platonic thing, but they are persistent and I can tell that when we are having a conversation he really does want to keep talking.

I was wondering what you ladies were thinking I should do? If it is that he's lonely, I don't want to leave him alone with nobody to talk to about things, but if he likes me I don't want to be leading him on (I keep my messages friendly, but non-flirty and very platonic). How should I approach this situation?

I'd keep doing exactly what you're doing at the moment. From what you've told us I can't see that you need to alter a thing. He probably appreciates having someone to talk to, and is more comfortable texting. If he's using you as an outlet to get things that worry him off his chest, then well done to you for being willing to be that outlet, as it doesn't sound as if he has many others willing to give the same help, and probably finds it useful. Nor does it seem to interfere with the relationship you have with your bf. Looks to be all good so why create a problem, or let your bff create one, when things are working fine as they are ?


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