Is it normal to resent your best friends?

I don't think I'm bad person but as of recently I've been having problems with my friends who I have been close to for a while now but they are honestly getting on my back.
Friend R is probably the one I spend the most time with but 1) he is very on and off like sometimes I feel when I talk about things he's not interested but then he expects me to be excited for his stuff i.e. I have been talking about this school thing I've been excited to do and he hasn't been replying as much or if so half heartedly but when he wants to go to a pride parade he expects me to go even though I said I don't have the money and i feel like he's not listening. 2) he just got back together with a friend (Friend E) he's been friends with for a long time and I was like I'm not gonna see you as much bc we've only been spending more time together since you stopped talking to Friend E and he was like it's not like that but as soon as she's back into the picture (talking about me behind my back as I found out) I barely see him because she thinks I'm trying to 'steal him' but it's like he doesn't
believe me.
Friend Z who I rarely get to see because of her job and awkward timetables is a bit like Friend R in the fact when we do talk she tends to cut me off and when I do talk to her about what's going on in my life she always ends up changing the subject back to her or intentionally shuts down my argument but then comes to me for advice about her love life that she doesn't even listen to. Also the other day when I did get to spend time with her and our friend, B, who she is really close with because they have more similar timetables and subjects, they kind of iced me out like I was going in a shop and I expected them to wait for me or meet me up after outside but they left for the train station which made me feel more excluded than I already do when they're talking about stuff that I'm not involved in while I'm there and it makes up the whole conversation.?
Friend M and I used to have really similar timetables but that changed and she kind of acts snarky towards me for not spending all my breaks with her just because I also have other friends that I rarely get to see but when I ask her to hang out on the weekend she doesn't want to do anything (and I mean even just playing in the park) but very easily accuses me of not trying to make time - I had to plan my birthday celebrations awkwardly because she's not talking to my other friend and wouldn't come with us which is sad as it was a dumb argument and I would've at least tried for her.

so ultimately I just want to know am I bad for disliking my friends for this stuff because I've talked to them about the stuff that annoys me but I feel like they are doing it anyway and as much as I love them I honestly feel like I hate (not actual hate but it feels like hate) them at the same time sometimes?

I think that's pretty normal in high school cuz I've definitely been there. I posted about that sort of thing on what's on your mind recently. Anyway I ditched them after a while and now I'm much happier but don't have as many friends. I had to decide I preferred my own well being over popularity.

So yeah I would say your problem is normal but you can fix it too.


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