My friend always complains about everything

So, this girl has been my best friend since we were little kids (we're 17 now), and she's really starting to annoy me because she always complains about everything in an aggressive way, and is just constantly negative. She's always been like that, but either it's got worse in the last few months or I've just started noticing it more. I spent the whole day with her today and I don't think she said one positive thing. It makes me want to not hang out with her as much and I don't feel like I can chat with her so much because I don't want to join in with the complaining.
I think it might sometimes come from jealousy, for example she is obsessed with bitching about one of my friends because of how she acts with her boyfriend (they aren't even one of those disgusting couples)

what can can I do?!??!

You should talk to her! I had a friend like this once and it was really draining to be around her, but if she's being negative there is probably a reason. You need to sit down and ask her, in a non-accusatory way, why she is so negative all the time. Is her home life okay? her health? there could be problems she isn't speaking about that are making her stress. If you want to be a good friend, support her through whatever she is going through, even if she doesn't give you a solid answer at first.?

On the other hand, if this behavior persists and she doesn't have a reason for being negative you may want to distance yourself for a while. There is no shame if you need space.?

Hope everything works out.


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