For some reason from sixth grade to now (end of freshman year) my friends have always not shown any interest in me. For some reason they just stopped texting me, inviting me places, or anything. We still talk at school and sit together at lunch and sometimes it feels like we really are friends, I make them laugh, they tell me things etc.(Some of us in the group had been friends since Elementary). But then it goes back to normal. Since the beginig of misddle school I ve only been to one girl's house literaly twice for an occassion that wasn't a sleepover. They are inportant to me, but I know that I am not even half of that to them. I always am nice, its not like we had a fight or anything but they just snub me out. Recently I decided to text someone ?who I considered to be my best friend and thought she at least consideed me close and she just replied shortly to everything I said and when I asked her to hang out and she said "sure well get around to it" just to make it nonakward when she didnt really want to hang out. I know, she was probably busy but this sums up all my attempts. They all also have their own group chats and hang out together all the time but despite looking like a part of their group at school they never include me and It makes me so lonely. I go to a pretty small school and Im not really a set stereotype, so even though I should leave this friends there is literally no one else in my school I could ?go to and even pretend were my friends (sit by at lunch/class). Its really better to run on their heels so I at least have someone to talk to occassionaly than no one at all. Please give me advice!!!! I dont want to go through the rest of Highschool with no friends!!!!!!


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