When you are an introvert

I have always considered myself an extrovert, but slowly I have started to close off a little. I have a few of my close, best friends that are there no matter what... but other than that, I really don't like socializing much anymore. I don't feel like trying to make new friends, because maybe I don't have to. I think my friends are great. I can be weird, totally honest and a little stupid with them. (We aren't too far out either. some of my friends are actually pretty popular, but not me).Truly, the majority of the people at my school annoy me, so I just try to avoid them. However, when I do come across people who are mere acquaintances, I'm bad at making conversation that's not awkward, I don't like to be fake and, frankly, I'm not confident with my social skills.?

Anyway, I guess I'm socially awkward. Is this okay? Am I going to be bad with people and relationships as I get older? Should I make more of an effort to socialize?


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