Friend is moving on? Help!

Hi guys!?
So let me if you some info and hopefully you may be able to help or give me some tips!
So, i have a lot of friends, i am currently studying and my two major best friends and I are in the same school. Lets call them L and B. I have lots of other friends in my classes and things but i have known L and B for a long time. B is very social, ver y extroverted, a bit full of herself and set on having fun. I am pretty shy, sweet, funny when im comfortable, but im really bad at social situations. L is mostly like me, timid, smart, rules are set for a reason etc, the only difference is that she is a bit of a push over where i may be shy, but i will put up a fight. Anyway, so this has been going on for a bit, so we all text and stuff, i can text B on an app, but i text L on a seperate app. B and L are both talking on another app (we can't have a group chat for some reason) anyway, the app that L and B are both on is very... i have heard some not good things about it, its their decision, whatever but i am not on it. Ok, so lately i text L all the time, we chat, the usual. but B is horrible with her phone, constantly losing it, dropping it etc and never gets back to me. She is pretty busy, she does a very important sport all the time. I try and give her space but sometimes its annoying for me to get a message from her once a month. Anyway, she was even worse than usual but we are on holidays and no sport for her. i found out that B has been texting lots with L and her new friends and just reading but ignoring my messages! I felt really pissed of at that and i asked her about it but obviously she didnt reply. I cant call her, for some reason, her phone is old and etc. Anyway so i texted her if she wanted to come over the next day, suprisingly she text back saying that she was going to the movies with friends. I felt really taken back, a few weeks ago, the only friends she had was me and L, she told us she wasnt interested in new friends. I asked about different days but she kept turning me down. I had some great news a few days ago and she read my message and completly ignored me. She told me what people she was hanging out with and i distingly remember B saying that she hated those people. Thanks for reading this! I appreciate it if you could comment on what i should do! Thanks!


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