My best friend is spreading lies about me

So I've known this girl since elementary school, and we've been friends off and on for the next decade. She has already graduated from college, me in my last year, and recently I noticed she only talks to me when she needs something, like someone to rant to about her boyfriend problems or if she needs information. She pays for my meal when she does need somehting, I suppose to her its an even trade? ?A couple weeks ago she asked If I could drive her home from her nose job. This surgery was purely for cosmetic reasons, not for function. I said no, I have class and work afterwards. She said cant you take a sick day? I'll pay you back for gas and for whatever you make that day. I was furious, she always put herself first and makes me accomodate to her. She tells me which seat I can sit in so she can have the 'better' seat, she tells me to open the door for her so she doesnt have to touch the door handle in public places and other annoying things like that.

Recently I heard from our mutual friend that she cut me off because I told her she was a bad person and that she was a horrible person and that it came out of nowwhere. She said she always treats me so well whenever we hang out so she was surprised I said that to her. Like she always pays for my food and such. However, as I mentioned, she only pays for my food if she needs something. I've hung out with her at other times, and she doesn't offer to pay if she doenst need to rant about her bf or need me to do something for her like go with her to the dermatologist or drive her somewhere. She has a career and makes six figures in advertising, so I know our meals are not a financial concern for her.

I went back over my text messages and I said no such thing to her. I texted "I dont want to drive you from your surgery, no offense but you're really mean when you're sick or upset or things like that" and then I mentioned that her bf could do it for her because she thinks theyre going to get married someday, he should get used to things like this. I went with her to the vet recently and she was seething the whole time about how long she had to wait (she came in without an appointment) and I had to hear her complain about everything and eveyrone at the vet's office -____-. ?I really dont know why she is making up lies about me and then acting indignant and cutting me out of her life. ?Im offended and really think she's delusional. On the other hand, she wasn't a good friend to begin with. Whenever I talk to her, she cuts me off and agrees with whatever decision I mentioned. My past birthday, she didnt attend even though I told her about it that same week. Afterwards she said ?I should have called her to remind her about it. Honeslty Im not going to call my guests to remind them to come to my birthday celebration in five days.?


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