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So, I go to an all girls school. Most of my friends have little to no guy friends outside of school, and if someone knows a guy it is amazing. Outside of school, my main friend group are guys who I spend a lot of time with. I try not to talk about it at all at school, because I know people will try to be friends with me because of that (it's happened many times to me). However, there is a school dance coming up (casual dance that is open to any high schoolers) and all my guy friends are coming (I didn't invite them, they just heard about it.) Anyway, a lot of my friends are trying to make plans for me to hang with them after the dance with my guy friends. I don't want this to happen because I know they will be clingy with them and attempt to "steal them." I'm not trying to be petty, but its happened before where my friends have met one of my guy friends and all they do at school is talk about them and make up stuff they did with them (even if the guys don't know who they are). If any of this makes sense, I really just need advice on how to deal with this. I don't want my friends becomming obsessive and crazy and stealing all of my friends, (again, not trying to sound petty). Thanks so much!!?

I'd just concentrate on having an enjoyable time with both sets of friends. The boys are choosing to go to the dance because they want to meet the girls, and the girls, as is obvious, are keen to meet the boys. I'm not sure any attempts to set yourself up as a sort of policeman hoping you're able to keep the two groups apart later in the evening will work, or be appreciated by either your girl friends or your guy friends.

There could be a different dance at a different place next week, so your guy friends are in danger of being 'stolen' all the time. However, if they're your 'real' friends they'll remain so, and is anyone actually only a true friend because you've managed to stop others getting to meet them ? Sometimes the quality of the friendships we have, rather than our number of 'friends' is worth focusing on more. If all your friends can be stolen because of one evening and one dance, then what very weak frienships you must have had with those people in the first place. If you end up with fewer, but better and stronger friends, will that be such a bad thing ?

Thanks so much, that really puts it into perspective. The night was fine, some of my close girl friends and I left with the guys cause the dance was bad anyway. It was hard to get away from everyone that was with us though. One of my friends was really into my best friends though and physically body checked anyone who was near him to be next to him. It was fine though and a lot less bad than I expected. But the 'real' friends thing you said really puts it into perspective, so thanks. :)?


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