Help! I don't know what to do about one of my Besties

I really need advice. I had a birthday party this past weekend, and I had a blast! I had invited lots of people from different worlds, my parents, boy friends parents, my brother, some of my life long best friends, mary and her bf John, lucy, charley and calvan who all live 2 hours away from me, and a couple friend marl and stacy, who my boyfriend and I enjoy hanging out with. I knew they were all coming together to celebrate me, and I wanted to make sure to spread my time so everyone felt included. Of course we were all drinking, and I was certainly drunk cause it was my birthday. At one point my friend lucy had asked me to go to the bathroom, and I invited stacy to come with us because I wanted her to feel included (all us girls had one 2 or 3 times without her and I felt bad). At the end of the night lucy told her she was mad at me because I did this, I was so shocked because I thought we all had an amazing time, I did. I got really upset because it was my birthday, and I could believe she was mad about that, she said she wanted alone time with me, but how was I supposed to know? I was pretty drunk.... She isn't talking to me after I apologized (which I don't think I should of had to). What do I do? Try and reach out again or just leave her be. I feel like she is being extremely selfish and needy, we are adults and I don't understand why she is being this way? what am I not seeing?

I'd just let her blow off some steam for a bit.? Wait a while and maybe she'll get over it and you'll go back ot being friends without even having to bring it up ever again.


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