My friends ditched me and I don't know how to treat them

I threw a party the other night in a hotel room and all of my friends came. I paid for everything, the room, the drinks, the food ect. and even tough I asked, no one pitched in. That part was ok, but then as soon as the party started picking up and everyone was having more fun, they all decided to go to someones apartment and leave me behind in the hotel. That really made me mad, and when I asked if I could go with them, they all said no. A few came back the next morning to see if I was still there and then they left. Since then, no one has messaged me or snapchatted me. So now I dont know how to treat them. I want to still be friends with them, but what they did was so not ok, and Im really mad. What should I do?

Personally I'd dump them if they hadn't made it up to you or something...based on my past experience people like that usually are users and history has a way of repeating itself sometimes.


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