Help my friend think she's the hottest girl in the world

so I have this friend who is short Asian petite 14 years old ?and she does some weird thing because in 2015 she looked like shit but in 2016 and 2017 she went prettier but she thinks that every guy wants her and she checks out every single guy in the street and at school and I don't want to hang around with her because she is always in my friend group and whenever she finds who one of my other friends like she starts flirting with them and they start liking her and everywhere I go with her she has to smile at every guy and flip her hair and then obviously they look and then she starts saying that "did you see he was starting at me" it's starting to get on my nerves can you imagine talking to your friend and she is too busy looking at every guy smiling at them and flipping her hair. ?I just want to beat her up

The other day I was talking to her and she started bragging saying stuff like " oh I got a higher grade than you and I didn't have to even revise" and then I told her to shut up and the. A group of guys went by and she started smiling flicking her hair and she just went near them smiling and I told her to smiling at them and she said that I'm jealous because guys are ?starting at her.Also ?she has too much confidence she goes up to guys and starts flirting with them even though she doesn't know them and she tries being friends with every attractive guy and popular guy and i just don't want to hang around with her.

she also thinks she's the hottest girl ever because guys are starting at her and checking her out apparently even though guys stare at every girl but she's not even a 10 she's like a 8 lol so the other day there's this guy I like and he asked her to come over to his house and she started bragging about it and stuff and I got upset and for the whole day she was hanging around with him at school and after school we usually go home together but she wasn't there I bet she was with the guy and her parents are very strict they wanted her home and I just covered up for her saying she went to the library even though.

I think maybe she's insecure and trying to hide it? Still, it'd be tough to be around her :(?

If you're close with her, just tell her. "Hey, you know, when you say ______, it sounds like you're really full of yourself, don't get me wrong, you ARE really pretty, but its not classy or nice to shout it out to the world. When you say things like that, it really sounds like you think you are so amazing.

i know it sounds kinds mean, but stop covering for her. it seems like she only sees you as an accsesaery to have with her so she dosnt look lonely until some hot guy walks past. she needs to see you as an actual person. stop protecting her. if her parents find out, thats her problem. shes choosing the behaviour so she is choosing the consequences. she cant be at her beckon and call. she probably thinks that you need her based on her enormous ego, not the other way around. let her know that you are upset. dont stoop to her level or anything but dont be her personal assistant​


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