Friends with my best friends ex

Recently my best friend and her boyfriend broke up. After that he started messaging me on snapchat asking me for advice and he did that also while they were dating and my friend knew about it. So now we've started texting and we've actually become friends and there is no underlying romantic relationship beginning. I have a boyfriend and he knows that so we are just friends. My best friend is annoyed about us talking and I don't know what to do because his emotional state isn't that great so I'm now here to help him out and give him advice and I don't want to hurt him but I also don't want to hurt her.?

Have you tried calmy talking to her about the situation? Honestly, it's shouldn't be a huge issue as long as there is nothing else to it, in which you already said. Just try talking her and see why it bothers her and see what happens from there. Just try to be sensitive to her feelings because there may be a way that she is feeling towards him that you might not know about.

Ok I'll try just talking to her and ask about her feelings is my email address, please do reply me to my given email address i have an important message for you.


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