I hurt a friend with depression...

A really good friend of mine deals with depression since a few years and I knew about it but I wasn't aware of how bad it is.
Today he came to my place and we talked about things that are going on in our minds and I told him about how I'm scared to tell anyone that I've had feelings for one boy and that I still think about him... (there was a lot of crying)

The thing is that he doesn't really talk about his feelings but he explained to me that he feels like a dead body floating in the water, that he doesn't really have emotions anymore because he's already too dead, that he's tired of trying to find a purpose to get better and he doesn't want to try holding on to something/someone when there is nowhere anything to hold on to.
And then he told me?that he wanted to get closer to me since one year and he hoped that I feel the same. But now he realized that he saw things different than I do.
To make things even worse, he is one of the best friends of the boy I cried about...

Now I'm extremely sad and worried about him and that I made him feel even worse... I had to be honest with him and it wouldn't help him if I would fake feelings for him. I've never dealt with depressions so I really don't know how I can help him...

Let this person know that you're there for him no matter what and will help him get through this
If you think other people (who he cares about or care for him) should be involved, tell them about it but be careful who you choose to tell
Ultimately, it's up to a person themself to decide what they want and there's only so much one can do to help them but right now, be a good friend


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