My friend and I have each other our insta passwords and we've never misused them. However, recently, I kept getting message notifs from her account and found out that she and a guy friend we both have (nothing romantic) were talking about me having a crush on a guy. She told me today before I found out that he "figured it out". This guy friend isn't the kind who figures stuff out and I'm not always staring at this kid or talking about him either. So I dug around and found out that several months ago, she told my them crush that I liked him but always told me she would never.?
This girl is my best friend and has done everything to support me. I switched my password and we'll see if she notices. I also messaged the guy she talked to and asked him how he "figured it out".
I am going to her sleepover for her b-day in a few days and idk what to do!!!! I feel like I shouldn't have looked at her dms so I don't know if I should confront her..

if your certain that your friend is the 'culprit' then you should confront her! If you decide to do, then just pull her aside and ask her, not infront of everyone and when you tell her that you have found out it was her, you need to be firm on her. She needs toknow that it is not right to mess around in your personal buisness! Good Luck!

In the grand scheme of things, this is a fairly minor betrayal. If you have a one-strike policy, and you're committed to that, then cut her loose. If you are open to being betrayed on occasion, and see this as not a crucial or life-altering betrayal (my own view), then tell her what she did, how that makes you feel, what the ground rules for trust should be going forward between you, and seek her affirmative agreement.

It's the basic framework for assertive communication, and it works in almost every situation. She may deny having done what she did, and she may not agree to your terms. That isn't failure. You'll have greater understanding of the person you're dealing with, and I'd cut her loose if that happens. Three strikes and she'd be out for me, even in small matters. That'd be three.

Hey girls, i just need advice. My birthday was the 14th of January. I turned 26. My best friend an I have been friend since we were in 9th grade. We were really close. Until the night before my birthday. She wanted to take me out for some drinks and hangout. I agreed to go but we we have my plans to hangout on my actual birthday night the night before but she kept on saying that her boyfriend would get mad because he wants to hangout with her. So to avoild drama I just went out. To my surprise I started my period and wanted to go home. We left at 12:30am and it was 2:30am when I wanted to leave. I didn't feel good and I was cramping. She got mad at me and started calling my fianc? obsessive over me because he can to pick me up since we have been drinking. He didn't want me to get hurt riding with her since he offered to drive us both there and pick us both up. I was hanging out with the lady I and my fianc? both babysit for as well because she had was the bartender that night. Well I went out to the car I had asked my fianc? to go get the pay check from Tracey before we left. So he goes in to get it and my best friend is in there telling the woman that I beat her kids and that my fianc? is obsessive over me. I just heard them yelling at each other. So I knocked on the door and I go in an I looked at my best friend and asked what the problem was. She told me to ask my obsessive boyfriend. I told her I was asking her she rolled her eyes at me an said something smart. I grabbed her by the throat and I beat the shit out of her. First for telling the woman j babysit for that I beat her kids which is false and second for talking about my furtue husband like that. I just Dont know what to do because she was my only best friend that I knew and a part of me wants to forgive her but more of me wants to let her go because that's not a friend. She Dont even hangout with me unless its okay with her boyfriend. If we do hangout she acts like she knows everything and acts like what I say and do is stupid. She was never like this until she started dating him. What should I do?


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