Last invited all the time

My best friend invites a small group of us over to her house to hang out and watch movies most Friday/Saturday nights. We call it "Movie Group". It's fun and I enjoy it, but I'm always the last to be invited. My friends have been telling me that I'm over thinking this. After all, it is only 6 of us that are invited. I know that in the end, I'm invited, so what's the big deal, right? Well, one of my biggest fears is being left out from my best friends, so I can't help but overthink. Do they really like me at all? Does my best friend really want me there in the first place??I remember when my best friend asked one of my friends in this group if she wanted Movie Group to come over right in front of me. In fact, she interrupted our conversation. I pretended to be hurt and it really did come off as a joke, but there was some truth to my reaction.?

I wanted opinions from those who have no clue who these people are or their tendencies. Is it alright for me to be upset? Should I tell my best friend how I feel?

Thank you.



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