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so I?ve posted on here before about a friend who stopped talking to me and so I decided to stop talking to her. That was over a year and a half ago. Today she texts me saying she misses me. I replied that I really miss her too and that I was sorry for being so nasty to her. She replies by saying it?s water under the bridge and she just wants to get past it. I do too, but it seems she?s being very flip about it, like she still doesn?t think she did anything wrong and just wants to forget it. So, my question is, do I bring it up or do I just shut up about it and leave grudges in the past? Part of me thinks I?m just overthinking it and being too dramatic.?

This can be a tricky one. Honestly, if it really does hurt you what she did, then I'd say talk to her. It would be good if you both got everything off your chests so you can start again, because chances are, if here is ever a fight between you, she could easily bring up the past as a guilt mechanism. I'd follow your gut. If she gets offended that you want to talk about things so you can start a healthy relationship then she is not worth your time. Only good things can come from talking to her. You'll either make a new friend again, or lose a toxic one.


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