quarter life woes

hi gurls,

recently rediscovered this site (i used to come on a lot in the early 2000s) and a lot has changed.?

well, i'm here because i kind of feel a bit woeful about the fact that my life isn't where i had hoped it would be, although i admit it could be a lot worse. don't get me wrong; i am in a relationship with a man i truly love, have no children (which for me is a blessing as i don't want any; no judgment to those with kids), and i'm graduating college in a few months.

but considering the fact that i'll be 26 in like a week, i have started to feel weird and a bit concerned. the last two years, i've noticed that a lot of the people i was once close with have all moved on little by little and it's kind of scary because i really didn't expect it to be so sudden. they're graduating college, getting married, etc., and while i am happy for them all, i can't help but feel like i am lagging behind most people the same age as me and that i am being forgotten as time goes by. being an introvert, it's definitely a tough pill for me to swallow since it means i kinda have to put myself out there more in order to make more friends, and i'm not really good at that.

so, backstory aside, i was wondering if those of you around my age know the feelings of dread and confusion i am experiencing. i've heard some call it a quarter life crisis. if anyone has any advice on how to cope with these changes, i'm more than willing to listen.?



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