Help with a girl that I feel could be the one (really I do)... Long read but bare with me please

How is everyone doing? I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years! I know this a thread for girls and that is why I came here...

So I have this deliema and I need help please ladies... I'm a male who I'm best buds with Blake he has a sister named Jamie. She is 21 years old and a virgin but she has dated guys before and they weren't faithful to her. I have however helped him in so many ways like change his life, get him in shape and help him overall. His sister never cared until she started to see her bro change then she started to ask questions. Well one day we are talking and he brings up his sister and I'm shocked because I never knew he had a sister. I started to ask questions just to be polite I really wanted to be friends with her and really just friends well... That didn't last long and here is why, when me and her bro finished training after 3AM from the gym, we headed to my family's shop to make food and chill after a hard gurling workout. Me and him were on Instagram looking at fitness chicks and what not and just joking as to what we would let that chick do to us and try to outmatch each other aka kinky stuff.

Well you won't believe this, but he tells her this... I know he is terrible, she starts listening to each one from him and mine. Her response was "eww what's wrong with him" then she finally says one that I said instead of her brother's which involves the female butt and she says "I like that one I could do that" her bro is shocked and says you would nasty and she just grins then he says "well he isn't like that anymore" her response is "I''ll bring it out of him" then leaves as her bro told me that. I was shocked and started to lust not love but lust Dammit it hurts just thinking about it. I know I wanted to be friends but as soon as I heard all this and also how he tried to make it happen as well by talking a lot about me and what not. I knew that this wouldn't stay friends. Her bro has said I'm looking to settle down and she was surprised and said "well he could make a good husband" so I know we are thinking the same thing I'm 24 btw and she is 21 and we are both looking but I never thought this would happen ever.

Well, things get more serious when at times I would wait for him and he would tell me that he is eating and to meet the family including her... but I want to meet her alone or at least with someone else I know. I want to physically meet her then meet the family later. Besides my attraction came through lust not love it sucks... And what sucks more is she works graveyard shifts.

Anyways this is getting too long so fastforward I never came inside and I had a chance more than once as well but never did I wanted to meet her without the rest and to first develop a bond so that lust will be love now not lust but actual love since we meet and got to know each other. One time she texted her brother and told him that she is heading to the gym at 9pm and we came at around 10. I told her bro we shouldn't be wait but he told me she works out hard like me and trains for three hours so we won't miss her. But we do and her excuse when she gets home so her period started so she had to go to the store. She said btw sorry in a frown face about not being there.

Things got weird and not she started to stop and that was when her bro told her what the deal is. She said "I like the guy I just want to be friends" and he told me I was fine with it but he wasn't. I told him I want to stay away or even meet the family until I can get these emotions (lust). He told the family and her response quickly was "I like the guy I just want to be friends". I know what she means she messed up and wants to see if ever we can restart and be actual friends then move on from there.

But her bro kept telling me to move on yet there was nothing to move on to nothing happened and he doesn't understand that she hates me even despite she is religious like me and a sweetheart really. I know I need to face the music and talk to her face to face once and for all. He has done it again and asked her she said she admires everything I have done and what not and he doesn't want to be like that and make me wait. Reason being is she is going to a different university compared to her bro telling me she is coming with us next semester and this happened after all this happened btw but I doubt that is reason just happened she got accepted happy for her.

But I know one day we will meet and it will be awkward as heck man I know it will. I'm good terms with her bro and her family his mom likes me as a good friend and the last thing I want is to make her think I dont care about all this and she can get bent or whatever.

No I have tried and given up from her bro trying to help now he won't and just doesn't get it. I want to wait for after work which is 3AM in the morning at a clothing store.

I know werid but what other choice do I have? I feel some girls have experienced this and maybe you can give me advice as to what to say, approach and make her open up to me. I know she likes me I took out a lot of detail... so yeah I know I really want to be with her but I want to get to know her and restart from this silliness I'm not mad or confused or see her needy or werid or nothing. I'm not like that and I never will I have even helped her not physically but through her bro's actions that involves her and her stuff (materials).

What should I except and please some positivity... I know this is a lot but I swear to be as gentle and friendly and hey we can finally meet... even though this isn't the way women want to meet a guy for the first time hahaha lol! X)

Thank you all for reading I hope you find your soulmate and may he or she treat you right. Blessings to all.


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