I just want to be a normal teen

im 14, i have no friends and want to be a normal teen. I want to go to highschool but me and my mom dont commuicate well, i really want to experience boyfriends and friends, I dont think she relizes that at some point see will have to expose me to the world, i cant have social media because she is scared somebody will see me and kidnap me, It just really sucks. Right now i have confindence issues and i have anxiety about talking to people. Im homeschooled right now and she is addiment about doing the same next year. She has asked me about what i think and i say homeschool because i dont want to dissapoint her. My old best friend went to highschool and decided to hate me and say mean thing behind my back, I just dont know?

I'm in EXACTLY the same situation. I now live abroad with only my dad and see no one but my tutor and her daughter. Being in a foreign country makes it pretty obvious that home schooloing is the way to go. I do like to make froiends and socialize, but keep in mind there is a serious downside to public schooling. When I was young I went to school and was absolutely abused, bullied, pressured and made to feel like complete shit. It scarred me for years and I have no desire to return to it. Just the fact that your own friend decided to hate you shows that school has worked its evil influence on her too. In the real adult world, people don't just abuse others for the sake of doing it. If you want to make friends there are home school groups you can join; doing stuff like theater and fiend trips. I'd go with that.

I'm so sorry for you. I think you need to talk to your mom more, I know it's not always easy, but you won't solve this problem without talking. Just tell her from your heart what do you think about it and be patient, be calm during this.? I had similar problem, maybe not that extreme, but with many discussions with my mom, she finally changed a little bit.


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