Need advice about my best friend

Me and my best friend got into a big arguement last night because i told her i was friends with her crush. I knew she has liked this guy for a couple years, and he was dating my cousin so i seen him like once or twice. Well him and my cousin broke up and my mom really liked him saying he was a nice and stuff. She made me friend request him on Facebook or she herself was going to do it. Well I ended up friend requesting him, and a few days later we started talking. It was all innocent stuff talking about our vechicles, tattoos, stuff like that. Well we talked everyday. But all we were were just friends nothing else. On a Saturday he came over to my house and him, my best friend sky and I all went for a drive around the country to get to know each other. He came by my house another time to buy a radio that I was selling, and then he stopped over one other time so I could go to walmart with him. I told my friend that we were talking and all that we were were friends and that we started talking a few days ago, and she flipped out on me which i understand why. But i just dont understand why i couldn't have friends. I was never gonna let anything happen between him and i because i knew she liked him. Now she won't even talk to me to hear me out. Could someone please help on what to do? Was i a horrible person for being friends with him?


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