Sex Talk and Friends

Hi! I just got back from hanging out with my friends at a low key Halloween party. We were playing party games like Paranoia, Truth or Dare, and Never Have I Ever. We usually play these games when we are all hanging out. But they usually get sexual and dirty very fast. We talk about sex and sexual stuff all the time and I was just wondering, do other friend groups talk about sex and sexual stuff a lot like my friends do? Or are we just weird? Lol. I'm also just gonna add that we are all in high school and collage; so from the ages 15 to 20ish and we are a mix of males and females. I appreciate all responses! Thanks!

Most of my friends are close to my age (14 this week) and the majority are girls. We occasionally talk about boys and sex but I only talk seriously and in-depth with my best friend, and we talk about EVERYTHING. I don't think it's weird that groups of friends talk about sex, especially at the ages you're talking about, and with guys and girls in the mix. I have a feeling the guys are monitoring the girls for reaction and trying to get them into the mindset for having sex.

Talking about sex is like breathing. I talk about it a lot with people I know.


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