No longer my bestfriend...

Ive had the same best friend for 5-6 years now and she has been the one person in my life that has brought me so much happiness. We were always together and always shared everything together. Recently she started being friends with this one girl i dont really like. Not like that matters but, shes a lot prettier than me but has a terrible reputation that shes not a good person. Ive known about that because we used to be friends and i couldnt stand her and she couldnt stand me which kind of made everything a bit awkward but my best friend always liked her so i stuck around till (lets call her emma) Emma walked out. Little did we know, she walked out of us out of the blue and my best friend (lets call her megan), got mad at her. I was always there for megan and we were basically known by everyone that we were best friends.?

i went through delression for 3 years and its been one of the most challenging times of my life, i have really deep insecurities and do tend to keep it bottled up which is really unhealthy but I dont like sharing that weaker side of me because I personally feel weak. My friend is the type to hangout with everyone because she wants to be liked, im the opposite. She always tells me about how she finds these people textig her annoying but doesnt stop replying to them... also, everytime she gets a text or message shes always telling me about it for some reason. I dont know when it started but she also started making jabs at me, im homeschooled so i basically dont have a life but im an introvert if im by myself typically and so i dont really feel the need to be with people. She once told me that my only friend is my dog and my dad and i was kind of confused because i didnt really day anything to hurt her. Idk it was all really fast but yeah it wasnt the best comment ive recieved. Im going on lol sorry, im a bit mad right now so everything is just coming out in one go lol. She went to disney land with her friends and i was rather hurt because she didnt tell me she was going and we used to plan to go to disney land together. Her parents are really strict and dont let her do anything but her parents promised her that she was able to go to disney land this year. I was stoked and we were really exctied that her parents allowed her to go but then it turned out that she went with them...... I was really confused because I thought it was a trip we were planning to go together. Now, this is the last breaking point, megan posts a lot of photos on instagram and facebook i think idk of emma and her other friend. A LOT. I dont like taking pictures so there really isnt none to post lol but shes been posting a lot of pictures of them three (which is fine). And emma is a bit famous so megan literally takes pictures of her and posts them..... (i personally think emma is using megan and ive told her that but she didnt listen) so, my friend posted a picture of them three saying "i want a friendship like theirs". I was actually really hurt by that idk y but it made me feel like i was non existent and ive felt like that for a while now. Idk what to do i just need to tell and talk to somebody because this issue has been crushing me for almost a year now and i cant take it anymore.?

I know exactly what your going through because something similar happened to me. It took me so long to realize this, but if you care about someone that much and they don't care about you back, then they don't deserve you. ?I know it seems really hard now but trust me, it gets better. The best advice I can give you, is to find friends who truly care about you. The people who forget you are not your friends. If anything, confront Megan on this issue about being left out and tell her what you feel. Wether or not you and her stay friends, things will get better.


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