outgrown friendship? back stabbing? what do i do!?!

i started secondary school last year and a the beginning my friend and i decided to stick together. we even made a scheduel for hanging out as we arent in eachothers classes. we were getting closer everyday. skip forwards to the last few months of school. she starts hanging out with the girl who bullies me!!! she knew who she was as i used to vent to her. since i had only met my friend the previous year because i moved, i didnt know if she was trustworthy so i was scared that shed tell the bully about what i said. whenever i tried to hang out with my friend my bully would be ther etoo, which made me uncomfortable and scared! i even told my friend about how i felt but she just ignored it completely and continued to hang out with the bully. school ended and summer started. finally! a break from this drama. i could see all over social media that they were shopping, having sleepovers and hanging out almost everyday! of course, i hadnt been invited to anything. i felt a bit betrayed my my 'friend' and so i didnt try to reach out, and she didnt either. i dont want to be friends with her anymore. i know it seems small, but her new found bff, my bully, was one of the reasons i had to go to the counsellers every week. she terrifies me! summer is ending and school wil be starting in the next couple weeks, and i dont know what to do. everyone has already made their friends and made their friend groups. i feel like ive left it too late to start over and make new friends. also, i dont know if my ex bff will expect me to act as if nothing happened and continue with our hanging out scheduele. if i try to back off slowly, it'll be obvious, because of having the scheduele. she knows my were my locker is and will be able to find me after every class. what do i do!?!?!


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