My friend's parents don't like me!! :(

Hey guys!

So I have this friend, let's call him A. He and I have been friends since the start of secondary school in 2013, but we had a fight in September 2016. It was over something daft and eventually in June, we both forgave each other and talked it out, and things are really good now.?

I have a few really close friends, and A and I are close with a girl who I guess I'll call B? So we're all really close and hang out a lot. B is an out lesbian and I am bisexual (could you tell by the name?). A has been questioning his sexuality and identifies as bisexual too. he told his mum, and she knew about B and I before this. A's dad is kinda homophobic and very right wing.?

So A's mum thinks that B and I have influenced A and 'turned him gay'. But he told us he's been questioning his sexuality since around 2011/2012!

Next, A wanted to experiment with makeup and shaving his legs. B and I were happy to support him and helped him out, but his parents... not so happy. I told him that if they were uncomfortable with him choosing to wear makeup, he could tell them that I had wanted him to try it out. So now they also think I am a crazy makeup tyrant who is once again 'turning their son gay'.

Finally, the three of us have all had mental health issues at some point. I have just finished two years of therapy for my anxiety and depression, and have not always been a happy or healthy person to be around. I can admit that in the past, I have not been in a good place and that insecurity and my behaviour has affected my relationships. But that was a long time ago and for the past two years, my coping has been healthier. B also has a history of mental health issues after some unpleasant experiences. A has experienced anxiety and depression which B and I?have done our best to help him through, and he seems to be feeling a lot better today. But his mum thinks that we're too depressing and that we make him depressed.

Sorry for the long post, but I don't know what to do! should I try to win them around, or is it a lost cause? We're happy in our friendship and he?doesn't seem to have any issues with me, but I don't want to hurt his relationship with his parents!! Whenever I am around their house, I feel so awkward and unwelcome.


Spacebisexual xx

Never mind. You do not have to prove yourself.?


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