Body Survey

Hi guys!?
Especially on Body Image forum, i see a lot of girls 'hating' their bodies, wishing this, wanting to change this. Everyone's body is beautiful,no matter what or how you look. If you are feeling insecure, try this survey :)
Tell me if this helps!?

Lets Start!

1.What are you most concious about? What part of your body?

2. Why? What happened to make you feel this way?

3. Have you done anything to 'change' this?

4. Has that helped?

5. How long have you felt like this?

6. Have you told anyone about it?

7. What thoughts go through your head when you see it or think about it?

8. What have people told you about it?


9. Lets focus on what you like!
Name 3 things you LOVE about yourself!

10. Name 3 things you get compliments about?!

11. Name 3 qualities you like about yourself
I am :
I am:
I am:
Venting Time! Pour your heart out and talk about why this bothers you:

I hope you feel better after answering this! Sometimes we just need to vent! I hope you are all ok! Everyone on is wonderful human beings, you all care so much about eachother and wouldnt mind at all lending a hand.

Stay Strong, xxx


You're all amazeballs!


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