Tips For Weight Loss

Hi all!
I've seen a lot of posts about tips for weight loss and i thought i might be able to help.?
(I have background in weight training, whats good for your body etc)
1. Eat Healthy.
We all know that e should all be eating healthy but somemain problems in 'losing weight' are leaded by problems with eating. Try eating smaller portions, having a good fueled breakfast and eating lots of nutritious vitimins and vegies

2. Dont push yourself too hard
Sometimes it can be hard to start off easy when your mind is set on exercising,but starting off hard can have unhealthy long term effects on your body.?

3. Keep a schedule on your exercising
This way your body will ease into this routine comfortably!

4. Work on sports that you're comfortable with
Maybe you just want to loose a few, then maybe the whole workout senario isn't for you. There are so many methods to try and learn. If you are comfortable with running, swimming, biking, walking etc then do it!?

?And 5. Believe in yourself
Motivation is a much needed part of this!!

I hope this helps!?
(Sorry for any inconvienience with this!)
Good Luck!?

These are great tips, I personally think weight loss is not about stop eating and torture your stomach with strange remedies, it's all about to know how to and when to eat. A healthy diet and some exercise will keep your body in shape, healthy and happy


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