Going natural...? (black female)

Basically my natural hair is short so I wear a weave - I'm not embarrassed of my hair as much as it's not growing as much as I'd want it before I wear it naturally. I know a lot of girls who rock the natural look - I'm not sure if I'm one of them😥. I need to get it taken out soon and I'm trying to decide.?
1) I could do another weave - for me, I like sew ins because they're easy for me to handle, I can wear my hair long like I like it and my hairdresser gets them done relatively quick but they might damage my hair and my edges if I do them too much.
2) I could wear a wig - they can still give me that long hair look I like but I grow my hair out at the same time. However, good wigs can be expensive which I don't want my mum to worry about, I'm not sure if I can wear them all the time because I'm quite active plus im a teenager who's took a lot of shit for how I do my hair whether it's braids or weaves so a wig may bring some unwanted attention
3) I could wear extension braids - ?I'd really like to wear colourful braids they seem really cool (I'm not sure if I'm cool enough to pull them off) and I can wear them long. However, these braids can also take a toll on my natural hair and also take longer to put in and take out than weave. Also I have really bad memories of being called Medusa at ten because I wore braids but it's been 7 years maybe people changed.
4) I could wear it natural - my natural hair is definitely not as long as I'd like it and I'm not used to taking care of it for long periods of time so that might get tedious. Although ALL (and I mean all) the black girls I've seen who've gone natural look great so that gives me hope (but not a lot) and my hair definitely won't get damaged by styling. I still don't think I'd look good with short hair and it might not go with my wardrobe but I have a tendency to be harsh on myself especially looks wise.?

Knowing myself if I do decide try something new - I'll do it over the summer so I can lock myself in the house if it looks messed up. Anyway, I'd really like to know other people's opinions and experiences and even ideas about what I should do with my hair and what's best for it (many tips are welcome).


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