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So I have been struggling on and off with eating and not feeling guilty about eating. I am very tiny for my age. I also have very low self esteem. I was wondering if you knew any ways of boosting your body image? I need help in this area. My friends say I'm tiny and I need to gain weight. I obviously eat but the comments are starting to get to me. Please help!

Self esteem has to come from inside yourself.? Your body needs food and nutrients to survive.? You have to learn to love yourself, no matter what you look like...but also realize that being unhealthy is not good for your body, or development into womanhood.

This probably isn't helpful, but I used to struggle with body image greatly until I got together with someone. He loves my body. I figure that if my body is good enough for the person I like, then it's good enough for me. When I look at my body in the mirror now, I don't hear a voice telling me I'm fat. I hear his voice when he complimented me on all the body parts I've been insecure about: my butt, for instance, which I used to think was too big but now have no problem with.

if you are naturally very small, then there is nothing you can do to change it and im sure you are beautiful.. if you are trying to be small and purposfully not eating enough, STOP! dont let peoples bs get to you!! everyone is unique and we should embrace it! i used to be insecure because my boobs are tiny and they look like cones and people used to comment about it alot, but i have learned to love my tiny, cone boobs. :) you are beautiful for who you are, dont change for anyone. :) Peace and love :0 :0


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