I'm not really sure if this would be the right spot to post this but I really need some help/ideas! Over the summer I got a balyage (not sure if that's how it's spelled) But its basically a cuter version of the ombre. Anyways, after summer I got bored with the blond and decided to dye it. At first i was going to do a natural looking red/brown color, but then I was like what the heck adn I decded to dye it color called Tansinite. In the beginning it was a really pretty deep navy blue color, it faded to a light navy, but now its fading to a greenish color. It is still mostly blue but you can tell that the colors is fading. I don't hate it.. yet. But I have no idea about what to do to the color. the rest of my hair is a medium brown with red tint (my natural color). Bleaching the blue isnt an option, and I really dont want to cut it. and i also dont really want to dye my whole head a darker brown to cover it... so do any of you ahve any ideas of what i should do? I want my hair to be cute still but I just dont know how to cover up the blue. Please help!!!?

What color do you want it to be next?
If you don't bleach it out you won't see a lighter shade over it so your option is to put darker on it which you also don't want to do.
My suggestion is to go to a professional salon.


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