Huge & Hideous Breasts

Hi Everyone.

I've just joined and have already noticed the number of girls who hate having small boobs.
Believe you me having big boobs is not all that glamorous, and in fact can cause excruciating pains in the neck, shoulders and back.
Not only that, both bra and clothes shopping is a complete and utter nightmare.
Oh and we mustn't forget all the horrible, creepy unwanted attention that they attract.
Now if only it was humanly possible I would happily swap my huge and hideous 36GG breasts with any of yours.

Honestly, I don't envy you.? Sure sometimes I wish mine were a bit bigger, but overall I am happy with what I've got.? All that backpain and everything doesn't sound fun.

I'm with you Kaylyne, I constantly try to explain to my friends that NO?the back pain and posture issues and stretch marks aren't worth it, but there's not a whole lot I can really do to show them... unless I let them see my collection of exclusively nude bras haha

I am actually really lucky. Mine are like a 36D but they're like a small D, if that makes sense. They are a nuisance when exercising, but I guess I can't complain really. Maybe you could get a reduction when you're older, my sister considered it for a while but never did. Also, your boobs couldn't possibly be hideous. I don't want to sound corny, but you are beautiful and so are your boobs (that may be the second strangest thing I've said to anyone..). Keep your chin up and smile :)?

Hmm... do not know what to say about that

Excorts whore


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