Disclaimer: I've never had serious issues with my body image (like anorexia or bulemia, etc.)

Recently I've noticed I've been really hungry and eating more. I figured it was just because the winter colorguard season just started and I have been excercising more because of practices and whatnot, but I noticed today (well, just now), when I put on a pair of underwear I've had for a while, that I have a little pudge going on that I'm pretty sure didn't exist before on my sides under the waistband. I then looked at my hips as a whole in the mirror and noticed I had a little more than I remembered above that on my sides, inbetween my waist and hips. I didn't exactly notice the hip stuff because I have a big butt. Once I noticed I weighed myself and I'm usually somewhere between 151 and 156 but I weighed in at 159 and it makes me kind of anxious. I don't believe weight is a good determining factor when it comes to body image and rarely weigh myself. I'm concerned that I'm just gaining weight and not in a good way, as in gaining fat. I don't know what to do besides just start up again on my workout regiment and eat a little less.


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