What is your opinion on my body?

Hi everyone, I struggle with body dysmorphia so what I see in the mirror is not what other people see and some days I may feel obese, while others I feel skinny.
I'm 5'1 / 155cm
48kg / 107lbs
bra size is a us 34B
do you think I would look fat, average, healthy, overweight, chubby, skinny, etc.?
in all honesty, if you were me, would you want to lose , gain or maintain this weight?

I would eat healthy and maintain my weight as I think you are of a healthy weight

You sound right around my size...if anything I'm probably a little underweight and it couldn't hurt if I gained a few pounds.? you can't rely so much on the mirror.? You should base things on how you feel, and if you feel healthy...and if the doctor says you are.

It sounds like you have a very nice body! Maybe gain a few pounds? But it all depends on your bone structure and stuff to but like I had this friend who was always thin and then she gained about 4-6 pounds of muscle and she looks so hot!


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